Dental Implant Surgery

Be inspired by your brand new smile with Dental Implants at Bribie Dental

At Bribie Dental, we are considered one of the best practices in Melbourne for Dental Implants which is why our patients trust and recommend us. The process we follow for Dental Implant procedures is as follows:


We discuss the step-by-step procedure, what you can expect after the surgery, and we also make sure that you are suitable to receive Dental Implants.


We use only the best materials for our Dental Implants, in order to get them to merge perfectly with the jawbone and prevent the body from rejecting the implant. For patients with insufficient jawbone, we also offer a bone grafting procedure. This helps the patient to establish enough jawbone for the implants to be inserted and properly anchored.


Anaesthesia will always be used for this procedure, in order to ensure maximum comfort for our patients. If you are uncomfortable with the procedure, we can offer IV Sedation or Sedation Dentistry.

Post-Operative Care

Usually, Implants take around 2 to 3 months for the area to completely heal under normal circumstances. However, there are some cases where healing can go as long as 6 months.

When the jawbone completely heals around the implant, the next step is to attach the post. We will make another opening in the patient’s gum and attach the post to the implant. When the gum completely heals, a process which generally takes a couple of weeks the next step is crown placement.

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*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.